June 27, 2016

The Common Core Toolkit Now Available as Download

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We have been overwhelmed, touched even, by your warm responses to our Periodic Table of the Common Core. In the first 24 hours after we posted it we had almost 2000 visitors to the site, not to mention the 1200+ people who are signed up for our email updates and received it in their inbox! This is a record for us! Thank you for your interest, support, and encouragement!


Your response confirms our observations from working in schools, which led us to create the one-page, at-a-glance resource in the first place: while we all must have deep understandings of the complete standards, for practical purposes we also need some tools that simplify our Common Core implementation.


Some of you gave us feedback that you were concerned that our periodic table oversimplified the Common Core, and we certainly see your point! This tool was not designed to be used in isolation, it is part of our Illustrated Common Core and is meant to be used alongside that book’s other tools, which offer a more comprehensive exploration of the full standards. So, please don’t let our periodic table REPLACE all your other, deeper work understanding and aligning instruction to the standards! We have something that we hope can help you with this balance and we have burned the midnight oil to make it available to you sooner than later. 🙂

Illustrated Common Core New Cover Image


Earlier this year we released The Illustrated Common Core which we have revised and renamed The Common Core Toolkit. The new version includes a tool for deeply aligning lessons and curricula, image metaphors and full standards for the Foundational Skills, and our Periodic Table of the Common Core. From its original permutation, The Common Core Toolkit also has complete, illustrated grade-level standards for K-6 ELA, a series of articles about implementing the Common Core, the image metaphors and anchor standards in separate, one-page presentations for sharing with students, and directions/suggested uses for using all the tools.


Because the the back-to-school season is upon us and we know you are gathering resources, we’d like to make the more complete version of our  Common Core Toolkit available so that you have the opportunity to use the whole kit rather than the periodic table in isolation. For the next few days, we are offering The Common Core Toolkit as a PDF (142 pages) you can purchase and download through our site at a greatly reduced rate. We know you will honor our copyright by not reproducing multiple copies, and we are eager to have it in your hands so that you can let us know how it supports your work and what we can do to make it better. If you need multiple copies to share with a team or faculty, contact us and we will work a bulk rate.

On another note, we are excited to report that we made serious progress on our book last week and are really close to finishing.  Because our focused efforts seemed to make a difference, we are taking one more week off of  blogging to concentrate on completing the manuscript. We promise to return to a regular schedule starting next week and will be featuring some back-to-school books with suggestions for Common Core aligned lessons to support you as you kick off the new school year.

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